Marty Hulsebos Photography
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Marty HulsebosAbout the Photographer

I have been photographing landscapes since 1987. After receiving a business degree from Arizona State University and working in business for several years, I decided to pursue my passion of photography. I have made the Blue Ridge Mountains and the American southwest my primary photographic subjects, since I have lived for extended times in both places. I have also photographed in other parts of the country and world. See the images section for all locations.

The Process

For 20 years I photographed with film, starting with 35mm and progressing to 6x7 medium format.

As the digital era developed, I combined digital technology with that of film. During this transition period, I photographed with my film camera, scanned the film, and then created digital prints. Digital technology has now fully caught up to film and I have left film behind.

There are things I can do with digital that I couldn't do with film. And digital is making me more productive—I can print photos the same day I shoot it. By contrast, I still have film-based images that I have yet to scan and print.

I print my photos with archival-quality materials that are rated to last over 70 years before noticeable fading.

Marty HulsebosThe Subjective Side

I find there are two sides to photography— subjective and objective. The more I have photographed, the more the process—the objective side—became second nature. This has allowed my attention to be mainly on the subjective side, and it has allowed me to feel an increased oneness with what I photograph. In this way, photography has become a process of expansion of awareness. I hope you enjoy the result in these images.